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Ethereum ERC20

Finance & Service, Platform



  • I. To achieve a true cross-chain smart contract by using the distributed private keys management service to map various tokens as cryptofinancial assets onto the FUSION blockchain.

  • II. To realize the separation of ownership and usufruct to make complete financial functionalities possible by letting distributed nodes to control private keys.

  • III. To make “smart” contracts truly smart enbling them to express all kinds of financial logic and create various financial instruments by feeding them off-chain data.
  • IV. To make smart contracts truly automatic to make them capable of realizing complex financial applications such as insurance, banking, wealth management, derivatives, etc. by using multiple triggering mechanism to arouse them. 

  • V. To help map off-chain values on the FUSION blockchain to make them tokenized as digital assets and make them disintermediated and programmable by providing cross-organization API, such as on-chain ERC smart contract, off-chain legal document and services from centralized organizations, such as hosting centers, accounting firms and fund companies. 

  • VI. To create a rich distributed financial application ecology by nurturing distributed cryptofinancial services, such as libraries of DSrv, formal verification services, etc.

Token Sales:

1 ETH = 400 FSN

Hard cap 51,000 ETH

Distributed in ICO 35%

Tokens for sale 28,672,000

Road map:

Second half of 2017
Formation of core team;
Q1 of 2018
(1) Complete the compliance work, start the operations of the Foundation, and start the project operation in full scale;
(2) Start the development of the core protocol, complete the preparation of the experiment code and start the multi-node private keys control service in an experimental environment;
(3) Start the operation of the peripheral community and complete the work of ICO;
(4) Start the core community operation of the investment community, technical community and universities to promote R&D work;
(5) Improve the core team building.
Q2 of 2018
(1) Put main chain online;
(2) Start intensive cross-chain collaboration and complete 10 billion US dollars of distributed control services;
(3) Continue to develop core community and set up a number of research topics, and vigorously promote research;
(4) Complete the development of smart contract browser and the core wallet;
(5) Promote the peripheral community and carry out intensive public relations promotion;
(6) Improve the team building.
Q3 of 2018
(1) Improve the front-end wallet tools and complete 100 billion US dollars of distributed control service;
(2) Promote peripheral communities, and improve smart contract development tools to complete more than 1 billion US dollars of cryptofinancial applications;
(3) Continue to improve the efficiency and security of the core code;
(4) Continue to develop the core community and help them assist in the experimental development of innovative cryptofinancial functions.
Q4 of 2018
(1) Continue to improve and perfect the core code;
(2) Continue to promote core communities and research;
(3) Promote the standardization of the interface of the chain with centralized organizations;
(4) Promote the off-chain data to communicate with the main chain, especially identity information;
(5) Complete the interfaces with the important centralized organizations;
(6) Continue to complete the development of various ecosystem tools.
After 2018
After 2018, according to the operations in 2017 and 2018, we will further iterate products and continuously promote the construction of the inclusive cryptofinance platform to make it become one of the most important inventions to help people improve financial efficiency in the era of the Internet of Values.