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TE-FOOD is the only fresh food ecosystem which integrates supply chain companies, consumers, and governments/authorities to improve food safety, eliminate food frauds, and decrease costs of the supply chain companies.

Identification tools are applied to livestock, transports, and fresh food packages to follow the items throughout the whole supply chain. Fresh food products in retail can be traced back to their origins together with food safety-related information.

Token Distribution:

51% - Token sale (public circulation)

5% - Marketing pool

44% - General reserve

Token Sales:

1 TFOOD = 0.05 USD

Tokens for sale 400,000,000

Distributed in ICO 40%


Bonus levels are based on time intervals:

1st week - 15% 
2nd week - 12% 
3rd week - 10% 
4th week - 5%

Road map:

Q2 2017 - Trainings
- Training of chicken farms and egg producers starts. In total, more than 10,000 people is trained.
Q3 2017 - Chicken and egg tracking starts
- On 01.09.2017, chicken and egg traceability started in 22 Vietnamese regions. National livestock registry contract is signed with the Ministry of Agriculture in Vietnam, Livestock Production Department.
Q4 2017 - National Livestock Registration system starts in Vietnam
- In the pilot phase, the system is used in 4 provinces in Vietnam to regularly report about the status of the livestock.
Q1 2018 - TE-FOOD International is founded
- TE-FOOD International Ltd. is founded. All TE-FOOD rights and contracts are transfered to TE-FOOD International.
Q1 2018
- Token based operation of TE-FOOD starts before the Token Sale.
- TE-FOOD token sale starts in February 2018.
- Cattle tracking will be implemented in TE-FOOD.
- Tracking of fruits and vegetables will be implemented in TE-FOOD.
Q2 2018
- TE-FOOD offices are established in 2 target countries.
- Blockchain as a traceability transaction ledger is implemented in the system.
- Fish and seafood tracking will be implemented in TE-FOOD.
Q3 2018
- Animal antibiotics traceability
- AI based smart pandemic forecasting and alarm modules for the National Livestock Registration system
- TE-FOOD Marketplace extends logistical and food safety data, with trading possibilities with conditional smart contracting possibility.
Q4 2018
- The sensor equipped tools log directly to blockchain, and contain smart locks which can be opened only by specific users, and log their status.
- Extending the existing functions (inventory, feeding, vaccination), new modules are available, according to the G.A.P. standards.
Q1 2019
- Identification tools are extended by a facial recognition system for cattles. The R&D project starts in Q1, 2018.
- Two new TE-FOOD offices are opened in target countries.